IESS On-going project workshop

February 17, 2023, Geneva, Switzerland – affiliated to the conference IESS 2.3


The objectives of this highly participative workshop on on-going projects are:

  •  to improve the awareness of the advancement in service science and its applications,
  • to inspire practitioners of its success stories, in improving productivity, augmenting human capability and capacity, gaining new insights, accelerating discoveries, advancing state of the art, creating new services, providing stability for growth, assuring agility, efficiency, and sustainability,
  •  to collaborate and to define the way forward to meet the future challenges


IESS on-going project workshop covers the value propositions on the following actions:

  • Services Melioration: to improve productivity and to augment capacity/capability,
  • Services Exploitation: to provide further insights and uncover hidden patterns,
  • Services Ideation: to explore and to trigger new ideas
  • Services Education to innovate service curricula and to create new curricula
  • Services Innovation and Research to validate improved system, new utilities, and to advance the state of the art
  • Services Inception for Design and Governance to provide stability for growth, assuring agility, efficiency, sustainability

Examples of project types for the actions

Automation.           Digital transformation.       Rules-driven AI (Artificial Intelligence).        Robotics.              Improved security/privacy.    Integration.         Value co-creation projects.Analytics. Optimisation.            Big Data.                Data-driven AI.        Mass-customisation.               Service quality & measurements.        Waste reduction. 
Idle resource utilisation.              Smart cities.  
New automation.           Mass-utilization.              Ideation for new services.  Teaching technologies and methodologies.        New domain curricula.                  Integrated curricula.Utility enhancement   New services and service domains.         Service impacts.          Service value creation.  Organisation design.       Start-upping (funding, accompanying…)             Multi- and trans-disciplined projects.          Leadership, management.                    Business modelling.        Process optimization.      Disruption / Emergency management.                    Security/Privacy.  


We would like to invite you as, users, practitioners, integrators/innovators, educators, researchers, decision makers to actively participate to the workshop by:
   – submitting your work to enrich the community with your contributions to the advancement of service science or
   – just siting in to be informed, to swap ideas, and to interactively debate of the way forward for service science.


You are invited to submit a position paper to the EASYCHAIR platform and at max 3/4 pages or slides as proposed below by means of this link:

You may need to sign up to create a new account. Thus, select your role as an author and fill out the forms to provide citation information, such as author names, a title, an abstract, and keywords. Finally, please choose a track for your paper: choose Workshop, and deposit your paper or slides.

Recommended position paper template

I. Introduction

• What? What’s the issue/problem or project objective?
state of the art or prior art of this subject matter
background: who’s done what?

• Why? What’s for?
issues to be resolved or constraints to overcome
justifications: newness? innovativeness?
expected outcomes

II. Project Development

How? What has been developed?
implementation methodology
results, expectation met?

III. Conclusions

• What’s next?
call for actions/collaborations

• Concluding remarks


The submitted position papers will be reviewed to be accepted or not for presentation at the workshop. Further editing and refereeing will be done after the workshop for consideration for publication in a collection of IESS letters (of maximum 5 pages each paper).

Provisional due dates

Submissions: November 30, 2022
Review: December 19, 2022

Workshop Program Committee

Diem Ho, United Solutions, US

Carlos Casanueva, ESCP Business School

Eric Dubois, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Luxembourg

Thang Le Dinh, Business school, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada

Kresimir Lugaric, President & CEO of Internet Institut Wien, Austria

Marco de Marco, Dean of Uninettuno University, Rome, Italy

Mislav Ante Omazic, Faculty of Economics and Business – University of Zagreb, Croatia

Andy Rindos, IBM US

James C. Spohrer, International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (

M. Léonard, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Reach out to us at

The Flyer of Workshop Call for papers can be downloaded here