About the Faculty of Informatics

IESS 2.3 will be held at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University, which is located in Brno, Czech Republic. Brno is the former capital city of Moravia and the political and cultural hub of the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. It is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic after the capital, Prague, and one of the 100 largest cities of the EU.

The Faculty of Informatics was founded in 1994 as the first Faculty of Informatics in the Czech Republic. Today, with a steady increase in interest in study, it provides Computer Science education at all levels of university studies for two thousand students in Czech and English. The faculty has a significant footstep in creating an exceptional environment in collaboration with many IT and innovative companies, settled in Brno, the so-called “Silicon Valley “ of the Czech Republic.

The Faculty of Informatics founded, as the first in Middle and Eastern Europe, a master study program in Service Science, Management and Engineering (SSME) in 2008. It became one of the most successful and innovative study programs taught by the faculty. The number of students increased from 20 to almost 200 during the three years of its existence. It was also the pioneer program in implementing internships as a mandatory and essential part of the study. Now, after the program structure transformation, it is provided as the “Service Development Management“ specialisation in the “Software Systems and Services Management“ study program.

The long and significant support of Service Science, provided by the Faculty of Informatics, and the research on this field, represented by the Laboratory of Service Systems (seslab.fi.muni.cz), make the unique environment for the IESS conference and promise exceptional experience for all participants.


  1. Address of the venue: Botanicka 68a, Brno, Czech Republic
  1. How to reach the venue:
    1. By plane: You can choose the flight to Prague (the capital of the Czech Republic) or Vienna. From both cities, there are plenty of bus or train connections to Brno, provided by Czech Railways or private transport companies Regiojet, Gepard Express or FlixBus. In any company, you can buy tickets online and in advance. There is also the airport in Brno, but there are only scheduled flights from and to London Stansted. Because of the shorter distance, we recommend the flight to Vienna.
    2. By bus or train – use the links above.
    3. By car – Brno is quite well reachable by car, mainly from the direction Slovakia (D2), Prague (D1) or Vienna (in Austria A5, then route 52)
  2. In Brno, the public transportation is very easy to use. You do not need to buy tickets; use your contactless card (credit or debit) to check in on board at the terminal. The regular price for the ticket is 25CZK (1 EUR)
  3. You can also check out when you are leaving the vehicle – in case you have a ride less than 15 minutes, you will pay only 20 CZK (0,8 EUR). More info here: https://www.pipniajed.cz/en.html. Also taxi and Uber Services are available in Brno
  4. Of course, you can also buy paper tickets in kiosks or machines, but they are a little bit more expensive (27 CZK for a regular ticket)


There are several hotels with special discounts for the IESS conference. When booking, please inform that you are participating in the IESS conference, an event organized by the Masaryk University, or use a special promo code published in the catalogue. The catalogue, including the list of hotels and special rates, can be found here.