According to the IESS tradition, IESS 2.2 will cover major areas of research and education related to service science and service innovation, including new emerging research trends (see IESS topics). In the IESS conferences, the digital part of services constitutes a main component of Service Science exploration.

Contributions grounded in multi-disciplinary approaches to enable transdisciplinary services, are particularly encouraged. In this case, they will explore traditional disciplines, like IT, Justice, Medicine and Health, Economy, private and public administration, Engineering, in order to rebuild some of their foundations towards enabling the creation of transdisciplinary services.

Because of the large field covered by Service Science, the IESS 2.2 is composed of several tracks, which are dedicated to a special theme. So, the authors have to choose one of them to submit their paper, unless they decide to submit it in the traditional IESS general topics. There is an open call for tracks.

Service Innovation Roadmaps and Responsible Entities Learning.

This conference IESS 2.2 has a special theme which appears really relevant presently at the economic/industrial levels, and furthermore also at the academic, research, education levels. This theme was introduced by Jim Spohrer in IESS 2.1:

« The continued development of service science as an emerging transdiscipline will depend on developing better measurements and tools for understanding the past and future identities, reputations, values, goals, and strategies of entities interacting to achieve outcomes.

The Service Innovation Roadmaps (SIRs) can help with the challenge of upskilling people in an age of accelerating technology and policy changes.

All service systems, as responsible entities learning, invest in three types of activities, herein termed Run-Transform-Innovate activities. » 

Research contributions to this theme will become indispensable today for a deep understanding of the ongoing mutations in the entities and the Society, for the establishment of resilient, sustainable, viable, inclusive policies of progression and of responsible entities learning processes.

IESS 2.2 could be an opportunity for the IESS research community to contribute rising this challenge.

The Flyer of Call for papers can be downloaded here